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The requirements of our country to car modification

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Car modification to the body color, engine, fuel type, frame number, such as modification, but there are three kinds of colors are special vehicles, special color, can not use.

Red as fire special, yellow for special engineering rescue, white and blue as a national administrative law enforcement special. And on the body, frame, engine changes, in the case of damage can not be repaired or the existence of quality problems can be carried out. When applying for a change, it is necessary to provide a certificate of the repair plant and the replacement of engine, body or frame.

According to the relevant provisions of the state, allowing the registered car to replace the front bumper, rear fog lamp installation. When the car is modified, it will not affect the driving safety and stability. In the annual security vehicle administration department once found illegal modification, will require owners of restitution. Please according to the best brand type with your vehicle at the DMV consulting. To ensure that the owner of the vehicle driving performance is safe, does not affect the normal driving.

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