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Introduction of car modification

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Japan in the last century (ninety's) to relax the restrictions on the modified car. According to the existing law, the modified car is divided into the following four categories:

A complete, no application modification, can be like a general version of the vehicle through the city like inspection can obtain a licence;

Two, the need to "land transport bureau" to declare the modification, change the contents of the car registration, but without prior review;

Three, transformation of vehicles;

Four, the vehicle does not comply with the modified standard of Japan's security (equivalent to GB national security standards), regardless of the use of

The application method will not be issued a licence.

Simply put, the fourth modification has been separated from the streetcar category applies only to like car, special vehicle, this can be skipped. The first three categories are the objects we want to study.

Big principle

Regardless of the extent of modification, the vehicle to obtain a licence must comply with some basic principles. One of the more important conditions for the volume and weight of the vehicle. In addition, there are some details of the provisions, such as the [(Japan) road traffic law] second fifty-fifth, any modification can not impede the driver's sight and steering wheel operation, nor interfere with the normal function of the rear view mirror and car exterior lighting system. And then to some more careful level also have the corresponding principles, such as the replacement of the camshaft, the engine will not allow to exceed the exhaust standard.

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